Specialists in Business Transformation, Consulting and Merger & Acquisitions

Moorcroft helps our clients' to deliver outcomes and make a real difference to the success of their business.

Moorcroft was started by Matthew Dunn, a leading Big 4 management consultant, to deliver more personalised consulting services where advice and outcomes are simple and straight forward to understand and deliver.


Expertise in delivering Tangible Results

A different type of consultancy. Moorcroft delivers personalised, tangible results to you, the clients. We don't want to unnecessarily sell more consultancy or flood your company with more consultants. We do want to give you honest, no nonsense advice on how to make your business more efficient and profitable. Of course, we can provide assessments, reports, presentations and frameworks - but we'd rather deliver outcomes, which affect your customers, your people and the bottom line.

Having worked globally in leading consulting and transformation companies for decades, founder and Managing Director, Matthew Dunn is a respected and true expert in getting the best out of your business.

Moorcroft provides genuine consulting at a fraction of the cost of large consultancies but with all the quality and assurance you'd expect.

Straightforward advice

We believe consulting needs to be simple. Mergers and Acquisitions, turnaround, cost reduction, revenue growth, digital and automation are complex, time consuming and stressful. 80% of initiatives fail to deliver what is promised and can be very costly if they don't work. Our job is to make it simple, take the stress away and deliver results.

Plain Speaking

Over the years consultancy has become less about helping business and more about jargon, methods and models. At Moorcroft, we use plain English to explain complex things; and we're always flexible with when and how you use us.

Value for money

Our consultants are Big 4 or Global Consulting Company trained - and they're experienced. Expertise like this usually costs large sums, but we have a range of different commercial models to help. From competitive day rates reflective of experience, to output and outcome based models, to self-funding transformation.


A full range of Skills & Experience

Moorcroft is a full service consultancy with experience across the public and private sectors. Changing businesses, mergers, acquisitions, cost reduction and growing income have lots of dimensions and these things can't be delivered from one area of expertise, one framework or one methodology - they require a range of skills and experience to deliver results, and we cover them all.

Key Skills


We can help you to understand your market and design a deliverable strategy grounded in reality, not theory.

Business Design and Architecture (inc. TOM)

We can help you to understand your whole business and design the future you want to achieve.

Programme Management

With considerable experience in managing transformation and change we can help to structure and sequence your programme to deliver results quickly. We'll also write the business case for change.

People and Organisation Design

No two ways about it, your people are the most important thing you have. If your people aren't happy and productive your business isn't going to thrive. Moorcroft can help with everything from optimum organisational structures and incentivisation to personal development plans and coaching.

Operational Efficiency

Make your processes work harder for you. We can help to streamline and automate processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Procurement and Sourcing

Moorcroft can help you to get the best value from your suppliers and structure large deals in the right way. If you're in the public sector, we can guide you through public procurement processes including OJEU and Competitive Dialogue.


Digital means many things to different people. In practice it means combining many elements of your business including technology to enhance internal and external customer experience. More and more companies are moving towards a single strategy with digital at the forefront and Moorcroft can help with your strategy and the components you need to deliver digital transformation.

Technology/IT Strategy, Design, Architecture and Implementation

It's no longer OK to think about technology second. Digital, AI Robotics are here and can transform your results. Moorcroft has experience in multiple technology platforms including Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow and Salesforce.

Comms/PR/Stakeholder Management

Taking people on the journey with you will make the difference. Moorcroft can help with what to say to the right people at the right time.

...and we apply all these skills in all of these types of situation:


General Transformation

Sales Transformation

Back Office Transformation

Cost reduction

Income Growth

Pre and Post Deal merger acquisition, integration


These are just some of the organisations we've worked with


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